New Engine Noise on 05 XR650L??

So I replaced my left crankcase cover (same side of the bike as the gear shift lever) last weekend. I think that I re-assembled the inards as I found them. I took her out for a little spin and heard a noise from the inside of the left crankcase cover, and I'm not sure if it is a new noise or that I have a sensative ear for that area of the engine after doing some work there.

I'll be accelerating and if I lay off the throttle and pull in the clutch I'll hear a faint little "tick, tick, tick" from inside of the left crankcase cover. As soon as I pop the clutch and hit the throttle again it goes away. It only happens when the bike is moving with the clutch in and the throttle off. I could not reproduce the sound with the bike idleing and on the sidestand.

So now I'm not sure if the sound was there all along and I should ignore it or if I should yank the crankcase cover off again and see if anything is loose. Any thoughts?

Hmmm, while you're moving and have the clutch in, try killing the engine and see if the noise stays or goes. If its still there the quiet may help you track it down.


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