Bogging and mechanic questions ??

Hey all. Ive been looking around and I know I saw it before. I bought my 05 WR450 on Dec 21, 2004. No real hard riding. Id take it out around the neighborhood two times a week Weather has been bad(break in). Went to indoor track in Washington today. First two sessions were good. My third session started going out to track and it bogs. Restart bogs again at low idle. With the choke out everything is normal. Take choke off, bog and quits. Rev up hit track off gas. Quits, etc, etc. :cry: Bike was dropped off at dealer to check out. Hopefully the warranty will cover.

#2. Persons to work on bikes. The so called sales rooms and service departments. Quite high and you sometimes get the runaround. Any good ones out there that know thier stuff. I would also like to learn. Warranty is up soon.

You need to learn to rejet you bike. #48 pilot jet and #40 leak jet will fix your bog. :cry:

Picked it up today at the dealer. They changed it from a 45 to a 48 and a new spark plug. I get it home and it took a bit to start. finally started. It bogged twice. I get a back fire type sound like shot of air. They said its lean. Also here in winter time the put ethanol in gas. Yes i need to learn more on bike. Would like to find someone to work on bike and learn when I have problems.

Thanks for the advice

Smaller leak jet will really help! :cry: They only changed the pilot! :cry:

No leak jet was changed. Just plug and 45 to 48

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