good motor mods for '00 yz426

im in the process of putting my motor back together(seized the bottom end thanksgiving weekend at glamis) and i was wondering what you all think would be the best mods for me to do while its apart. im replacing all the bearings, auto decomp camp, and hi-comp piston. if i do the exhaust should i also do the intake cam? and will be doing the '01 clutch mod too.

No need for the intake cam.

Get the JD jet kit and do the BK mod to the carb. You should have more than enough power

13.5.1 compresson, larger bore, hot cams both exhaust and intake they include the auto decompressor, kibble white SS one piece valves are a must! Maybe even porting and polisihing.

Hey YZ426onNOS,

Can you shed some more light on the kibble white SS One Piece Valves for me...Thx Bro

ive already done the BK carb mod and was planning on getting the JD jetting kit, just forgot to mention that.

yz426onNOS, if only i had the money... but, if i did have the money, it would be a stroker crank plus big bore equals 488cc. 13.5 piston, web cams, port and polish, and kibblewhite SS valves. that sounds about right. too bad its all out of my league $$ wise.

oh yeah, i ordered the hot cams auto-decomp exhaust cam today as well as the hi-comp piston.

Drill and tap the breather hole in the case beheind the barrel, best to do it while the cases are split. :cry:

replace the crank bearings with ceramic

Ceramic?? Where do you get 'em?

Check the transmission gears for excessive wear.

Forget the ceramic bearings, way over priced and the only advantage is more resistant to chemical attack, unless of course you have a chronic chemical attack on your big end!

My personal favorite, the TT decomp plug!

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