Vidoe: All wr450

i just found this old video {early 2004} i made. about the time i got my WR and my camera.

pre Hcam so footage isnt the best. but like i said, its all WR :cry::cry::cry::cry::cry:

right click, "save target as"

you will need divX.


Great one foot on the seat wheelie! :cry: Always fun to watch Simon! :cry: Super Motard jump was real cool! :cry:

how do I update my codec so that I can see and not just hear? :cry::cry: :cry: :cry:

Man I need to get a supermotard conversion!!

Cool video!

I like the rocky/grassy area you guys are riding in (at about 42 seconds in on the video.) Looks FUN!

Very nice Simon. I love videos that are like that one. Hope to see more riding :cry:

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