How long does it take for the scammers check to bounce

Im selling a bike and somebody wants to send me a certified cashiers check or money order. But it sounds fishy.

I got a funny feeling its one of those deals where you cash the check, it clears, you ship the bike, then the bank comes back to you and say it was a fake check and takes the money back.

My Question is: Does anyone know how long it takes the bank to come back and want their money?

i would wait at least a month

"certified cashiers check or money order" they are as good as cash the bank cannot stop payment on a moneyorder or cashiers check.

That isn't how the scam works. It uses counterfeit certified cashiers checks or money orders. The now infamous Nigerian scam uses counterfeit cashiers checks and money orders that look good enough for the bank to accept as deposit. But once the bank submits them for payment they are rejected. So then the bank takes the money for the cashed check back from you because you were the bearer. In the mean time whoever overpaid you with the fake cashiers check or money order has asked that you wire then some amount in return.

It isn't as cheap as a cashiers check, but if someone is serious have them wire you the money via Western Union or use Paypal. Even then do not send money back. The FBI and Secret Service web sites say it takes two weeks for the bank to discover the counterfeit check.

I'm half tempted to accept the possible fake check and deposit it and wait a few weeks to see what happens.

Do you see anything wrong with that?

I wouldn't. What's the upside for you?

I would scan it and post it on several forums to advise other potential victims.

If I could save 1 person from being scammed, it would be worth it to me.

Maybe if I bring it to the authorities they could catch him.

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