OT - Why it is not safe to visit Florida

Sorry for the off topic, just thought yall may get a kick out of this, even if it is rather grim. True we do have shootings, robberies, gangs, etc.. but I think old people must be the leading cause of death and injury in Florida. Stories like the story below pop up several times a week. Take me to the MX track where it is SAFE!! :cry:


PEMBROKE PINES, Fla. -- An 88-year-old woman backing out of a parking space Monday afternoon ran over two tourists, pinning them under her car, police said.

Marie Miller was driving in the parking lot of the Pembroke Pines Walmart store on Southwest 151st Street and 184th Avenue. The couple she allegedly ran into, who are in their 60s, were visiting from Columbia.

Witnesses at the scene tried lifting the car to remove the pinned couple.

The victims are both in serious condition.

That's why the Official motto of Florida is "The Home of the Newly Wed and Nearly Dead."

Bonzai :cry:

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