Studding tires for Ice

I want to stud up a spare set of tires for ice on my YZ450F, has anyone done this. Where can I get the picks, and do they have patterns for them? Better yet, anyone have a set already studded for sale? Perhapps already on a set of wheels?

Search function!! Where in Maine are you??

The bike shops around here carry ice studs. I think the most popular are Kold Kutters. They're sharpened hex head screws and do a great job hooking up.

I'm not so sure about patterns. My father was into ice racing for a while and now has a set of Carlisle trials tires studded for his CR500. 4 studs per knob. Looks good and hooks up real good.

- Nick

I saw something about this on TV and the guys I saw used regular sheet metal screws. The screws were about 1/2" long, I would not go much longer for fear of tire damage. It looked like they only had two or three screws per knob.

Ice tires use specialized 1" kold kutter ice screws into a Kenda ice tire. They need a liner inside the tire for the 1" screws to go into. There is a special pattern to studding them that I do know know.

Call Jeff Ferdette. He makes / sells them. They aint cheep (like $600) but you will love the results. Also ice tires must be wraped with protective wraps when rolled off the ice. Ice tires are never ridden on anything but ice.....EVER. When rolling off the ice and back to the truck. Wrap the tires. Moose sells tire wraps.

Or you can just stab in a bunch of screws and go have fun. But to do it right and have some serious fun you need serious tires.

Damn, and to think I don't ride when it's cooler than 70 because it's too damn cold for me.....

Are you joking sirthumpalot!!! A lot of the time when we ride its in the 60's and thats in the summer!!

Floridians :cry:

sirthump where are you at in Florida?

My parents have a house down in daytona for bike weeks and such, fun place except for all the weird people on the beach. :cry:

We are into ice racing up north. Checkout our site

there is a link to our local builder.

Rock Cental Cycle.

Each builder has their style, whether you ride the grove or throw the bike into the corner. Screws we use are 1 1/2 inch, others don't last. :cry:

You'll be happy with the tires if you happen to buy a set. Tell'em the Icemachines sent you :cry:

If you want something for ice and trail that won't get dull use carbide sled studs. :cry:

Kold Kutters are the way to go. You can use lengths that don't go all the way through your tire but it may not hold up very long. The right way to go are the longer ones with tire liners. If you do some creative web searching youu can find a couple of picutures. Here is one link with a couple of pictures.

those canadian tires arent legal for racing in the us. the studs are larger than ama rules allow

At first I thought American and Canadian rules would have no differences. As we buy AMA approved screws.

However the main diference is we plane our tires. AMA states "Tire cutting or regrooving is not permitted in studded class"

Others we race against use the winter type tires but are able to hook up in the deep snow.

Having a lug acts like a paddle and allows the screws to dig in the heavy snow.

You should challenge that rule as there is a huge difference when making a turn in the deep snow, off the main groove.

I just posted a video of one of our practices, You can see how they hook up

Icemachine Practice

ama rule making is an arcane and and insane process with ever changing objectives few of which are actually important to the riders.

Talked to Buddy Ford a few weeks ago and he said it is in the planning stage to go to AMA ice screws in Canada for next year, hoping to draw some of the US riders. Tdub

ama rule making is an arcane and and insane process with ever changing objectives few of which are actually important to the riders.


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