Buying a WR or YZ?

Ok, I've ridden my buddy's WR400F. He has done some work to it such as YZ pipe, rear fender, front number plate, ect. So, it looks like a YZ with a kickstand.

I really like this bike and feel really comfortable on it. He even talked me into riding a practice at a local Moto. I think I did well, even was able to jump the bike pretty descent and I've only ridden dirt bikes on less than 5 occasions in my life.

I'm looking for a used Yamaha 4-stroke. I know the price difference between the WR and the YZ new is enough to persuade me to get the WR. But on the used market they are priced fairly even.

So, do I get a YZ or WR?

I don't plan on riding on the street, and will most likely pull off the lights if I get WR.

Any suggestions would be great.


Track or off-road? I ride only off-road so the wide ratio trans, kickstand & lights are a benefit to me. As a beginner you will probably be better served by the WR initially and as you get faster the WR will be just fine.

It's easier to make a WR behave like a YZ than the other way around....


ben, if we can get u out to Speedworld on a practice day when my racing buddy is there, we can get u a ride on a killer YZ426. then u can decide since you've ridden a WR. as mentioned above, you can YZ a WR but it's much tougher to WR a YZ! trail riding a YZ is much more of a handfull & one ride behind the bars of a YZ will show that. also, if u read the postings about YZ-timing a WR & the other easy mods the WR guys do, you'll find u can get awesome performance out of our beloved WR. that said, good luck w/your choice & let the Forum now speak! bobwombat

Hey Bobwombat....

For all of you out there on the forum,,,Bob has to be one of the greatest people I've ever met. I met him on another bike forum and we met up for a short ride -- street bikes.

Later, Bob must have seen my interest in his WR400F and invited me to go riding in the desert with him. He insisted I ride the WR while he rode one of his vintage Hadoka (check spelling, sorry Bob) dirt bikes. Which well...

Then he invited me to go to a local Moto practice and insisted I ride his bike on the track. We are going again tonight...

Just too friendly...

Bob is the man.

Of course he is getting me addicted to dirtbikes, but has been nice enough to give me my needed fix for free...LOL.


Since you're a fairly new rider, I would recommend the WR. The YZ426 is a brutal beast-tons of fun--but hard to ride. On the trail, it *is* a handful as mentioned earler.

A WR turned into a YZ still will have the wide range tranny that is extremely helpful offroad. Less clutch work and stalling, plus a gear for every situation.

YZ426's Kick my but on the Track :) But my WR400 chews them up and spits them out in the woods. I love to use them as speed bumps between open streches. :D Their wide open is my 4th gear. :D

Still the 426 is a damn good bike for motocross. The only drawback for me with the WR is the weight. The power helps make up for it but after three hours of hard riding I'm wasted for the weekend.

But then again...I'm old and am a proud member of Athletics Anoymous, which I promptly joined when I retired from the Army. :D

Good luck in your decision.....

Bonzai... :D

Well, based on what you are all tellin me, the WR is going to be my choice. Of course, now I just need to find one....

Thanks everyone.


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