XR650R Compression Shim Stack

I am working on my front forks to get the "Fast trail Rider" setup. I am following the instructions from the "Pig Pen" via Bruce Borynack (thanks to both) :cry: . http://www.xr650r.us/forks/

These instructions have you replace the 2nd,3rd,and 4th shims and replace them with two 21 mm X .15 mm shims. What is the inside dia.? I ordered

21 mm (outside dia) X .15mm (thick) X 8mm (inside dia.) from Race Tech. Are these dimensions correct?

Also,looking at the before and after pictures on page 5 of 6, it looks like the shims are counted from right to left ( count from larger to smaller shims).

No one done this mod? Or no one remembers this level of detail?

Its OK we all get old. :cry:

No one done this mod? Or no one remembers this level of detail?

Its OK we all get old. :cry:

Sorry! I did the mod in September, I don't remember! Somewhere in a box I have a complete set of printouts with notes -- if I can find it I'll post!

Thanks, The link is great

Sorry I have been out of town for a big ride. Broke my collar bone after getting hit by another bike :cry:

It is 8mm ID.

This page is more up to date:

Fork Page Click Here: :cry:

The XR650R page moved here:

New XR650R Page Click Here: :cry:

QUESTION:On the forks,Because my weight is 175lbs to get the "Fast Trail Rider" I need to drill the compresion valve with a #27 drill bit, restack the shim stack on the compression valve ( per the above links) and refill with 2.5wt oil and thats it? Plusher ride. Since I am NOT going to stiffer springs I leave the rebound valve alone?

Sorry to hear about the collar bone BWB63!! :cry:

That is it in a nut shell. Do you jump? Drop off's? You will have to adjust you rebound adjusters to be stiffer then they are now. Check your springs length and add shims (Ace Hardware has some harden 3/4" washers that work great, I use two on each side 6.7mm) till you have a spring length of 505mm. I run 510mm to make the front end ride a little higher through the whoops. I haven't finished that page yet but, I'll get to it soon. I need to finish the Suspension tuning page as well.

All about the XR650R Click Here: :cry:

XR650R Fork Page Click Here: :cry:

XR650R Shock Page Click Here: :cry:

XR650R Suspension Tuning page Click Here: :cry:

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