No touch tire care??

I heard from a guy that if you use the "No Touch Tire care" product on your plastic when going riding in the mud that the mud washes right off. He said to keep it away from your seat and grips because it's real slippery. The same guy said he uses WD-40 on his engine for the same reason. Anybody ever hear or try this? JC

I use silicone spray and it works great. I don't like wd-40 because it is a corrosive and over time it may eat the finish on aluminum parts. I cover the whole bike less the seat and grips with it and it is great. stops rust and keeps the plastic looking like new.

I detail cars on the side and I have used all the mentioned products on my bike. I use them all the time if I have them on hand. They do make washing off mud and dirt easier. I have sprayed my entire bike down w/no touch engine and all before a ride and after a wash (to make it all "purdy") and never had any problems. I had used wd40 the same way w/no problems. Just about any tire shine spray will work in my trials and errors.

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