Power Bomb? or No?

i have a 01 yz 426 with the BK mod and stock silencer and am looking to up the low end power. i have the available to me now to buy a Titainium S/X Power Bomb head pipe for 170 new. Should i or not? Is it a waste or it it a good product? sound has no factor and i am getting a JD jet kit as well.

I am not sure about performance, I do hear that power bombs burn the hell out of your boot. It was enough to keep me away (I wear Tech 8's), the performance gain can't be that great.

Any head pipe will cook a boot. The PB on my 450 has never been a threat to mine in any sort of normal situation any more than any other pipe.

As far as power, on the 450 it is worth having. It flattens and extends the power curve, mostly at the low end, but does not hurt the top at all. The full system gives you a little more low, very solid mid-range, and a touch more upstairs. The header may work with other systems, I tried with my stock muffler (for sale, BTW) and it worked better than a pure stock exhaust. :cry:

I had it on my 426 and my 450 and when I get another bike I'll probably put another PB on... unless they find something better. Some upgrades I don't notice power difference but it seemed like a easily noticed difference with and without it.

I used to burn my pants on it, but I used a couple hose clamps and some flat pices of metal bent into a "u " and mounted the stock pipe guard with no problems. :cry:

I had a PB on both my 450 and 250F. They work great. Much better than a muffler. You get more everywhere with the power and if you use it with the stock muffler you get the same experience as with the stock exhaust only more of it.

Oh and this post is just to take me to 2000 posts.

if anyone is real worried about thier boots i have a carbon fiber gaurd that straps on to the powerbomb header. (yz/wr 450 specific) i think it was almost $100 i'll let it go for 50 shipped :cry:

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