XR650 Exhaust Question

I know there has been many discussions regarding aftermarket exhaust systems for the XR650, but I would like some up to date feedback from those that have used the following systems:

FMF Powerbomb header with the FMF Q muffler-I know the muffler is quiet enough to meet the 96db limit, but how is the power compared to stock and has the system lasted without falling apart.

Pro Circuit Type 496-I had this muffler on a YZ426 and it was very well made. I would like to know if it meets the 96db limit on an XR650 and how it affects the power.

Any other feedback is welcome, I am only interested in a system that is at least 96db quiet.

Right now I am using the stock system with the HRC tip.

I have the FMF Q, IMO I don't think it hurt the power and it's been on my bike for a year,holdin up fine :cry:

Before I had the Q I did the 2" hole saw trick,The Q IMO out performed the holesaw deal and I like the sound of the Q much better :cry:

I had an FMF Q on my 650R and got rid of it for the stocker with the HRC tip. The FMF gets the nod on the cool factor (sound and looks) however the power was fine on top but the low end suffered to much and it came on like a toggle switch. If I had to quiet my bike down I would get the insert from baja designs for the HRC since it that lowers the output sound considerably without much of a loss.

My 2002 XR650R has a White Bros header, White Bros "E" series pipe with 12 discs and the quiet core insert. It runs at 96.9 db

Thanks for the replys. I would still like to hear from everyone that is using an aftermarket exhaust system and what they think about them.

From everything I have read to date, it seems stock is best unless you are looking for maxium top end for baja type racing or that's just the type of power that you like.

It sounds like all of the aftermarket systems loose some low end power amd move it to the top end. Of course I'm sure you do loose a little weight with an aftermarket system, which is nice.

How about some more responses, I think this is a topic that everyone is interested in. It sounds like most of the systems available to date don't really do much and are not worth it.

I'm sure someone like Mike Kay must have tried everything out there with all of the XR650 experience he has and all of the bikes he has ridden.

I have a Moriwaki and it sure is pretty. The header and collector are significantly larger than stock and as a result I loose some low end punch, but it breaths nicely up top. I'm sure if my bike had a higher compression piston, porting, etc, that I'd like it more, but it's the nicest looking exhaust system I've seen to date. There was a guy on here years ago who bought everything he could get his hands on at that time and had it all dyno tested on his bike, then he sold it all off to people here on TT and elsewhere. He kept the White Brothers E series with 10 discs with the stock header as his choice for how his bike was setup and used. The xr650r pipe shootout done by Dirt Bike or Dirt Rider years ago also favored the WB E series for making a little more power everywhere as opposed to some aftermarket systems which actually lost power. Performance is just one aspect to worry about. Eye candy is another factor for some folks. Besides performance, fitment & durability are some other very important factors to consider because it's no fun shelling out hard earned money on an exhaust system that falls apart due to poor welding, poor material choice, process issues, Q/A issues, fitment issues that cause stess fractures / cracks, etc. Some companies have multiple sources that produce their exhaust systems under their brand name and the quality can vary depending on which shop or person made it. Another factor to consider is change. Some of the pipes tested in the past have surely changed over time and what was once a weak pipe may be a much better pipe today, but there are no guarantees because it can also work the other way around.

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