1987 xr600

Anyone interested in a 1987 xr600, I've had the bike for 3 years and

just want to get something smaller (lighter). Put new piston,

rings, valve job, Ricky Stator 200w stator, pulse sensor and drive

chain last spring, connecting rod tested ok by the mechanic as far a

clearance at crank but was at wear limits. Coil and plug wire year before. Has newer white

tank and new seat installed with ceet cover & side covers, new red tool pouch and still have original orange/flash red tank, blue seat (aftermarket blue

cover-no 600r lettering) and side covers. OEM muffler and Supertrap muffler, spare

CDI, wiring harness, some cable and clutch levers. Can get pictures if intersted.

It seems to have an appitite for racing gas, it ran fine before the new piston, but knocked when hot on 91 oct. gas, 110 no knock. I expected to find a high compression piston when replace but it wasn't, still has the same issue after rebuild with 9:1 piston, 1 size over.

Bad stuff - rear fender/seat seems to be bent slightly towards

muffler causing the supertrap to form fit the fender.

One fork seal leaking and oem blue fork boots pretty shot.

$900 any it's yours.

I'm in central Iowa (50136) but will haul it to meet up to 200 miles

one way.



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