Dealer can't find EKP needle!!?

I found an old post about this and gave my dealer the part # of 5JG-14916-EP for an EKP. He says that it's an EVP. I told him that Yamaha was horsed up and that was the part #. He said he wanted to call Yamaha. So I called him back today and he says that Yamaha says they dont make any EK* needles. This guys usally pretty good. I told him about this site and how I had found the info here and he told me not to believe any thing on this type of site. He has a lot of nerve EH??? Anyway I told him to order that part number. He says if it's not right I'll have to pay a restocking fee!!!! Hopefully it's right. James Dean if you read this were do you buy your needles? I live in the Seattle area. The number I got was from one of your exellent posts on jetting so I know the dealer is horsed up!! I just hope Yamaha hasn't fixed the error in the last six months since that post.



Servus Jason,


I used this part# about 2 month ago over here in Europe and got an OBEKN needle.


I seem to recall that there was an issue with part#s and the EVP needle so this might be it - but I'm not 100% sure! James might know more.


The parts departments fiche is wrong.

The 2000YZ426 service manual shows the part number correctly on page 7-8. I got a copy of this page from the service dept. at Lynnwood Yamaha. (Is that where you asked?) The service manual is the only place it is shown correctly.

#EKP is 5JG-14916-EP

#EKN is 5JG-14916-EN

I ordered the part from Federal Way Yamaha and showed the parts guy to confirm his erroneous reference data about a year ago. :)


James, Thanks for the reply. I was at I-90 Motorsports. Dealing with the parts manager. But it looks like I ordered the right thing. Thanks again for the info.


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