English 1-on-1 O/T

Ok peeps following on from my last post about Pants though I might add a few more for a laugh...

Shaft'ed = F*cked

Tosser = W*nker, Jack off etc

Trolley'ed = Drunk

ruined = Drunk

Wrong = Sick in the head

sorted = Everything is OK

Tops = good

laters = See ya later

Vag = Womans bit

Percy = The old chap ie Mans bit

Please feel free to add any American 1-on-1 or more English 1-on-1's, sorry if this o/t should not be here but its spins off from my other thread... and it should be a laugh.....

Cheers, gov!

.....and this is posted in the WR forum :cry: ...try the O/T forum

really, we've been shafted by a wrong U.K. tosser who thinks its sorted to post this trolley'ed up crap in our tops WR forum!! laters :cry: whoa... i never new i could learn a foreign language so fast!!!! :cry::cry:

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