Foot Pegs for tall rider

Any tall riders out there have suggestions on lowering the pegs? I am 6' 2" and about the only compliant I have about my new WR is I feel too tall and cramped when I am up on the pegs. I have seen advertisements for "fastway" pegs. If any tall is using them...are they enough for riders as tall as I am?



take out the stock pegs and cut the 'spacer ' off them with a hacksaw. Then make another spacer (it'll be the length of the bit you cut off + the width of the hacksaw cut) Reinstall the pegs with the spacer on the top, instead of the bottom. This will lower the pegs about 5/8" I believe (never measured it) If memory serves me correctly, you have to swap the springs over from L to R. Pretty sure thats how I did it. There are more detailed posts on here about the subject so do a search :cry:

ya, thats what i did ,makes a world of difference. IMS is making a wider lowboy peg that i hear is superior to the fastways. pn # 297315-4 for the 03-04 450,$89.95. mine have about wore out ,i was gonna give fastway a try but have seen a few people complain about feet slipping off. the IMS doesn't look like you'll go anywhere! :cry:

I use the fastway low pegs. No problems ever. 6' 9"


I installed the IMS pegs in the low position and installed Pro Taper tall bars with a tall spacer to the triple clamp. I'm 6'-2" also and it made a huge difference. I was shocked at what a difference just lowering the pegs made. Well worth the $$$.

I own a 2004, and took a look at my bike. I am not sure what you mean, but if I understand it correctly you take a saw and sew the place where the support is welded of and you turn the support upside down and weld it again??? Is that it? Readin it seems a lot easier. Does anyone have pics?

I'll try and remember to take some pics tomorrow. Nag me if I forget.

Here are some pics of my 01 426 after the mod has been done



Assuming the 450 is the same as the 426:

basically, cut off the tube (or spacer) that the footpeg mounting pin goes through and put it on the other side of the footpeg and reassemble. Put the LH spring on the RH side and the RH side spring on the left.

There is no need to weld the spacer back onto the peg, it cant go anywhere when the pin is installed.

If you want to do it perfectly, you can make a spacer the exact right length instead of reusing the spacer you cut off. When you cut the spacer off and reuse the bit you cut off, you loose the width of the hacksaw cut, which isnt a big issue.

Understand now?

Great, this helps a lot, I think I got it now

Thank you!

I have an 04 WR450f. Installed Fastways pegs and love them. Nice and wide and stable, even in big mud. I have them set low.

Part of the height issue requires peg consideration, and the other needs handlebar thinking. I did not want to use ultra high handlebar spacers, which are abailable. Instead, I went to a set of KX high bars from Renthall. They have the highest rise I have seen, and combined with the pegs, gives me a very comfortable stand p position.

I bought a set of pegs on ebay so I could do the mod. You can get used pegs for fairly cheap. If you don't like the mod, it didn't cost you too much and you can go back to the stock unit.

I also use homemade bare risers to raise the bar app 1 inch and move it another 1 inch forward. The only draw back with this set up is it doesn't leave much slack on the control cables. But the position is ok for a tall rider. It's all about personnal preferences. :cry:

Has anyone pictures of a handlebar spacer that moves the bar substantially forward?

After 2 years of feeling cramped on my bike, 6'3", I finally bit the bullet and bought a set of Fastway Pegs installed ala "Lowboy" and BRP Triple clamp and their tallest Bar Clamps installed +3mm forward. Haven't ridden it yet but it sure feels better test riding on the stand :cry: Will definately help the standing position.

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