Alright 2005 YZ450F for me!!!

The moment I have a new job I can start financing a new YZ450, quite sweet, so hopefully I will get this job today. -Matt

Rule number one ...never finance a toy.

I tend to agree with rule # 1 :cry:

Having had many, many, many (I mean a lot) of bikes.....

It's the hardest rule to live by. But it's really worth it. I have a couple bikes now (that are paid for) and I would like more. Saving for them helps me appreciate them all the more.



:cry::cry::cry: oops :cry:

Hope you got the job, it's the first step. And if you can afford to finance it, go for it and enjoy life, it's too short to be spent for saving and waiting. :cry:

I tend to disagree with this statement....ONLY if you consider my YZ450 a toy. I consider it a medical necessity. Without it (and my FZ-1) I think I'd go crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Seriously, though, financing a dirtbike is not that bad of a thing. If you are going to keep it for 5 years or so, then a new bike can give you lots of (hopefully trouble free) use. If you are the kind of guy that wants the latest and greatest all the time, then I would agree with rule #1. Heck, I'll justify any purchase if it supports my MBD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i see nothing wrong with doing payments on a toy. im doing it with my 04 yz 250f and im making my payments fine. i plan to have it paid off by the end of summer.

good luck and hope you got the job.

like I said oops! I make payments too. Just know your limits is the key to all things. You must build credit somehow to buy houses,etc.

Rule #1 makes sense if you have a good job and can save a grand a month towards it, but when you can only spare a few hundred, a 7 grand bike takes forever to save for.

Life is too short to waste it saving and waiting.

I hope to get a new job soon and get a new bike before summer, but I have to finance it. Saving for everything is stupid, you spend your whole life waiting for stuff that you could have had now.

I couldn't have said it better myself!! I love those commercials where a guy explains all the stuff he owns (house, SUV's, toys, etc) and then says: "and I'm in debt up to my ears!!!!!"

It's the sign of the times, I suppose. As long as you save for the future (retirement account) and can still make all the bills and buy food, then there's no problem.

I choose to spend my cash on my toys. I know friends that make what I make, who "can't afford" motorcycles, but yet go out to the bars every weekend dropping $40-80 a night/weekend....add that up, and you've got a ton more than a bike payment!!!! It's all about where your priorities lie...


i agree with the last statement......

Some of us aren't in a position to save. As a college student, my chances of saving are slim to none. Sure financing is a risk, but it does two things. It allows me to enjoy a great machine, and at the same time I am responsibly making the payments and getting my credit history off to a great start. Used wisely I think financing can open doors for so many people out there.

'04 YZ450f

Thanks for the support everyone, seeing as how I am about 18 I need to start building credit, and this is the best way. I have been riding my XR600 forever and it just cant keep up with my skill level, so I need something better. This bike will be my only expense so i dont worry too much about the payments, especially since i can probly get at least $3000 out of my XR.

Hey you only live once and if buying a new bike makes you happy than I would go for it! I agree with the earlier post, I have friends that will drop 100.00 or so going out every weekend and then cry broke, its all in what you want!

I've got a stupid question about financing an off road toy...

What happens if I take delivery and smack a tree on my first ride? Will insurance cover the cost if the bike needs big$ repairs or if its completely destroyed? If so, what type of insurance and how much? If not, how stupid do I feel making payments on something that I can't afford to fix or replace?

If you get a new job & you borrow the money for the bike. What happens if you lose your new job? It is a good idea to not over extend your money that you think your going to get.

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