01' top end rebuild ?????????

i have a 01 426 and think its great last year at the end it was getting a little tied so im rebuilding it, and have a few questions. First of all im putting in hot cams, weisco piston (stock bore), and getting the head ported and polished. Does anyone now how this is gonna run and are they hard to get dialed in after the upgrade. Also is their anything i should watch for?

no one could possibly tell you how YOUR bike will run. Put it together and let us know.........

im just looking for alittle heads up i have a big gun full race exhaust and a K&N air filter already the jetting had to be changed and wasn't t that bad to do just alittle time consuming. I hope this bike doesn't lose its reliability

The only element of your upgrade that's likely to need redialing is the cam change. If you're using the milder version only for the decomp mod, it may not change anything. The wilder ones will probably need a bit of jetting to run best. As far as reliability goes, Hot Cams has attempted to grind profiles that are easy on the valves & seats, so you should be OK.

Watch your valve clearances a little more frequently the first little while, and look for signs of not being jetted correctly.

where are you in michigan?

im in monroe michigan u?

im in new baltimore.check your pm's

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