scott summer's or other racing xr's

I am a big xr fan and a big scott summers fan. Anyone have pics, magazine articles, web sites/links to some of scott's old bikes, including xr400 or xr250 or the xr650 pre retirement from racing or post retirement. Mid to late 90's, early 2000. Thanks

He came back to racing GNCC last year and is now on a 450R but he put convetional forks on it. I guess he really likes those conventional XR forks. :cry:

I might still have an old Dirt Bike that had a big shootout between a stock XR250, stock XR400, SRC prepped XR280, and XR440. Summers was one of the testers too. I'll have to see if I can dig it up. I think it was a '99 issue.

A friend of mine used to own one of his old XR's. I saw one on ebay not too long ago too.

Headtrauma, :cry: that would be great! could you scan it? If you can't maybe I can order a back issue or something.

thanks alot,

I have loads of pictures of Summers from back in the 90's but only have a few of them scanned. I also have just about every Dirt Bike, Dirt Rider, Cycle News, etc. from around 1990 to 2000 in boxes around here somewhere. A lot of them had Summers articles in them. My wife has been on me to throw them away. :cry: Here is an album of the few pics I have scanned. They are from Blackwater and other places on the GNCC tour.

Scott Summers Pics

I used to work for SRC and Scott. I've rode and raced just about all his bikes, what would you like to know?

Jeff, that is great! I really appreciate it. Are you over at I think I've seen your name over there. I have lot's of questions. Did Scott race in 2000 and 2001? was he racing an xr600 or xr650 before his he took some time off? how often if at all did he race a modified or stock xr250 or 400? what was his impressions of the 400 modified or stock? was he mostly racing a 600?

Thanks alot,


Yep, I'm a member there too.

Scott was injured in late 99 I believe it was and took 2000 and 2001 off. In 2002 he returned only to reinjure his leg, he was racing the 650 at that time. He did race a hightly modified SRC XR320 on several occations and did very well on it (I race that bike too and it was an amazing bike!). He raced the XR440 a few times but never really felt comfortable with the suspension. When he returned, he raced the XR650 for a while with good success before switching to the CRF in mid 03 which he is still racing today.

great pics and great info on our hero!

Thank you all very much-

Headtrauma, :cry: that would be great! could you scan it? If you can't maybe I can order a back issue or something.

thanks alot,

Yeah, I'll see about doing it tonight.

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