Battery on a XR600

I'm planning to put a battery on my XR600, but how will I do to manage the charging of it? As I know, The XR650L have a battery for the start engine, anyone knows if the same batterysollution will be able to fit onto a XR600?

(don't ask why, pics will be put up here when I'm finished with the modifications)


You will need a rectifier/voltage regulator to charge the battery. The current stator output is AC, which will work ok on AC current, but a battery will not.

You can buy them from Baja Designs or Ricky Stator for around $40.

Are you planning to convert the bikes electrical system to DC? On my XR600 I am running a 200Watt Ricky Stator. This has two seperate AC coils of 100watts each. I run the headlight off one AC coil. The other AC coil is run thru the rectifier/voltage regulator/battery so the rest of the bike is DC. I'll switch this to all DC when I get a headlight on/off switch (I have to be able to have the taillight lit for a minimum of 15 minutes with the engine off and my battery would not support the headlight being on as well). I'll then connect both stator lighting coils together and have a single 200watt DC system.

Hope this helps.

:cry: steve were did you position the battery on your xr 600 as i want to fit one to mine.cheers Gareth

My battery is about the size of 2 packs of smokes. It sits on top of the air box/snorkel removed/ under the seat .

cheers bill there is not a lot of room under there but i will give it a go.thanks Gareth

I put my battery (a sealed lead-acid unit) in the rear fender bag, as a temporary measure to pass the lighting test. It's final resting place with either be under the air box, or possibly in the seat- cut a slot in he plastic base in the rear of the seat and place it there, horizontally. That area is not used - I don't sit that far back, nor do I have passengers.

I am looking at using either a Panasonic 12v 1.3Ah battery (3.82"l x 1.87"w x 1.97"h), model #LC-R121R3P or a Panasonic 12v 2.2Ah battery (6.97"l x 1.34"w x 2.36"h), model #LC-R122R2P.

These are available from digi-key

I have also seen similiar sized sealed lead-acid batterys used in radio-controlled cars.

Hope this helps.

Will the same method work for stock stator aswell?

Don't fell for paying much money for a 200w stator just to have a battery on the bike...

So lets see if I understood it right; first DC the currant for the battery and then just put the battery in? Don't it need a chargeingrelay(?)? The whole bike dont need to be DC, but I gues it would be simpler to have all the bike the same. The thing is that I'm going to put cold cathode/neon lights on it (I know, a bit corny but &%$#@!....)

With the stock stator you could leave the headlight/taillight AC, just like they are now. You would then need to splice into the stator output lead and put the rectifier/voltage regulator in line, the DC output from the rectifier/voltage regulator would go to the battery and to power whatever DC devices you have. You will have to be careful not to exceede the capacity of the stock stator - which I believe is somewhere around 60-80 watts, depending on the year of the bike. Depending on the headlight you have, it uses anywhere from 35-55 watts.

Hope this helps.

So i don't need to use some more stuff like relays etc?? Just put the DC currant on the battery? Sounds great!!

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