450 offroad gearing

What do you all run?

15/47 was too tall to climb hills, for me

15/50 is too low but climbs hills well.

would 15/48 or 49 work better?

I race the California desert

I run 15/49, it works OK.

I have a 04 yz450 that I ride every weekend in the nevada desert. Stock gearing 14/48 was too short for the desert. So I went with 15/45, which I found out was a chore to ride when it came to the slow speed sections. Now, I have a 14/45 and I'm likin it.

Great question! I just bought an '03 450F and I love it but it seems to be geared a little low for the trails here in Vegas, (Nelson & Jean for all the locals!). I was thinking of dropping a couple teeth in the rear sprocket but I'm a little hesitant b/cse I hit the MX track in Mesquite once in a while.

I've got the stock gearing but added an 8oz ZipTy flywheel weight on my 04.

I don't really have any problems with any of the trails around here in Texas (Muenster, Gilmer, etc. for the locals). None that are the bike's anyway :cry:

I think that first gear with stock gearing and the flywheel weight are about perfect for the riding I do.

I am more concerned with the increase in top end and the ability to still climb large steep hills. For this weekend I will use 14/47 instead of 15/50. It seams to not be a large concern for most because they ride MX on TT?

14/47 works good for most everything for me not too tall for the tight handle bar squeezing stuff,stiill good top end & great on hills.but we dont have all the open space you have.

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