Any problems with M1 Red Cap in 650R?

Run the Red Cap. All this nonsense about clutch slippage and dead crank bearings is pure oil company propaganda. I've run the stuff forever, put huge amounts of water and the mud it carries through the motor and cases, and the thing was still strong when I just took it apart for a leaking valve seal. I found mud in the case bottoms! :-)

My '00 has a gazillion miles off road on it, the majority of which is in 2nd and thrid gear clutching like a 2-smoke. Seems to me that if the stuff had an issue this bike would've been toast long ago.

Stay away from any synthetic, or even dino, oil that says "Energy Conserving" on the little round stamp on every bottle. Most lower weight oils have it

I'd also stay away too thick of an oil unless you live in Death Valley in july. The thicker the oil, the longer it'll take to protect at startup.

I've run Red Cap, Delvac1, and V-twin in mine, with RedCap being the longest duration. V-twin was my favorite, whatever the additive package is in that stuff is, it made for very quiet valve train noise and a hundred miles or so of those 2nd gear miles before really discoloring. Delvac1 was my least favorite, making more valve train racket than the others, but matching the V-Twin in longevity. I'll attribute that to the light base stock of the brew.

C'mon Qadsan, pu these guys in their place will ya? :-)


Thanks Haymaker, good info!

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