650r Good rear tire?

Just a question about a good rear tire to run. I ride in diferent kinds of terrian but mostly i ride in fairly hard terrian. I have seen the new maxis, it looks pretty mean. Any imput would be greatly apperciated. Thanx :cry:

check out michelin T63

no rear tire is good they are gone in a few miles n e ways....

I use the Metzler Enduro 3 Sahara, very good wear. Anything with bigger knobs than that goes away fast.


I ride to work then trails weekends mainly hard pack and rock have had good run with Michelin AC10 and their dot legal,hope this helps.

Steve B

I like the Maxxis MaxxCross IT. Good all around tire. I've got 150miles on it and there is a tad bit of noticable wear. Only one chunk too and I ride rocky terrain too.

Maxxis MaxxCross IT :cry:

I have always used Dunlop D606 or D739 Desert A/T tires. My pig came with a Kenda Millville and after 500 miles, it's still holding up well. It hooks up and is cheap. I'm really impressed.

I run the Michelin X11 Trails tire front and rear on mine. They work very very well and hook up better than any tire I've used to date in almost all situaltions. I have yet to chunk a knob off with over 1000 miles. One of my bikes has 2000 miles and no knob chunked. Try em, most who do never go back to knobbys.

I'm still wearing down my supply of Maxxis IT's for our XR's and look forward to trying some new & different tires (Kenda's and the X11 Trials tires). I like the IT at lower pressures because it's 'predictable' for my applications and lasts a a few rides, but I'm not as fond of it at higher tire pressures. I'd buy them again if the price was right.

Teraflex has a monster off-road tire, not just a DOT!


I know a lot of people like the TeraFlex and I used to sometimes run them back in the 70's on my open class 2 strokes when Dick Cepek sold them, but I'm probably the only one here not thrilled with the Teraflex on the 650r. Sure it's a big bad-ass tire with huge gnarley knobs and it lasts a long time, but I don't like the way it climbs out of ruts, or the way it handles on various types of terrain when I'm on the gas hard coming out of a corner or the way it handles when trying to power slide or the way it behaves on high speed sweepers when leaned way over and on the gas hard. I've read where lots of people here like it, but it's just wasn't for me.

I'm telling you guys, try the Maxxis MaxxCross IT. I've used the following on the pig and I think this is by far the best try yet. It hooks awesome from mud to rocks, handles the pavement very well, it's fairly cheap, has a very stiff carcas(bugger to mount) which allows you to run lower psi's like qadsan said and only has one chunk after 200 miles of winter(frozen ground) riding.

Out of all of these I like the MaxxCross IT the best:

IRCM5B-good bite and wear, chunked

Pirellit MT-16-too skinny, chunked, bad for sand

Dunlop 756-hooked everywhere, wore too quickly

Michelin S-12-hooked ok, lasted 125 miles

Kenda Carlsbad-wore really good, good design, decent traction

Pirelli Mt-44-hooked very well(the front is awesome) wore quickly

Dunlop K695(stock, it stunk, nuff said)

Dunlop 739A-hooked ok, wore well

Kenda Trakmaster II(I liked it but for the road, no way, very buzzy)

Pirelli MT-18-stunk, people around here rave about them, I don't get it.. :cry:

I'm not as fond of it at higher tire pressures.

i agree - i run 10lbs in the rear and it hooks up real nice :cry:

I'm with XR650L SUPERDAVE I like the terra flex. But it takes the pigs torque to make you love it.

Here in Kentucky we do mostly woods riding, with some mud too, some rocky mountainous stuff every now and then. The Perelli is the best I've had for the mud and all around hook-up, pretty good wear too.

I currently have the Millville and it is OK, I do like the way it handles when you lay the bike low if you are on a hard turn. I'm going to give the Maxxis IT a try, I hear great things here at TT and on the trail.

Dunlop desert tires seem to work well and last a while on my riding buddy's 650. A couple of guys I ride with also use the Maxxis AT and swear by them as a good general purpose (i.e. off road, dual purpose, not for the motocross track) tire.

My new favorite is the Kenda Carlsbad. Cheap. Wears like iron. Zero chunking. I ride a lot of rocks and still no chunking. Cornering and especially braking are awesome. I have the 120/100-18.

I've been a big fan of the Maxxis IT's for quite a while. I really liked the Kenda Millville as well. I currently have Dunlop 606's on my pig...

Hey, they are DOT, that's about it. For the street they function OK but I was just out at Ocotillo this weekend and they TOTALLY SUCK in the sand! I might as well have been on bald tires! I'm ordering up a new set of Maxxis IT's. I felt like I was riding a different bike with the 606's and I did not like that bike. I was running 12 psi in the front and 10 psi in the back.

If anybody wants a slightly used set of 606's PM me!

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