04 exhaust vs. 05 exhaust

Just last weekend I was at the Yamaha dealer oggling the WR450s. I like everything about it except the A.I.S. plugged up exhaust, limited throttle, and the stock jetting. This is all easily fixed by removing these which increases the fun factor. But anyways, when I was studying the 05's I realized that the 04 is identical in just about every way. I like the 05 better, but I hate the A.I.S. and the stock exhaust. The 04 exhaust looks as if it would fit perfectly in on the 05 without any problems. I figured that I could buy an 04 exhaust pipe and header and replace the one on thats on the 05. Would this fit and function properly? I think it would sound and look good at the same time. With the exhaust baffle removed how loud are they?



Atlas, I can't believe you like the '04 exhaust better than the '05! Thats one of the things that made me buy the '05. Although it hasn't been tested yet, Yamaha says that the '05 meets the 96 dbs limit with the baffle out, plus it looks better than the round chrome canister of the '04. Also the baffle uses screws to take in and out. You also said "the '04 is identical in just about every way". Hardly. The '05 has a lower center of gravity and turns on a dime and even though I'm 6'3", I like the fact that it turns better, low speed or high speed. The '05 also has much better forks and better front brake feel with the new routing. I can live with the AIS, and you being here in ca. should appreciate that its green sticker unless that doesn't matter to you. So get an '05, do all the free mods, install the Power Now, go up one size on the starter, pilot and main jet, and the bike will rock! Can't wait to race mine the first weekend in Feb!

I meant to say they are identical in terms of appearance. Lots of things have changed which make the 05 better. I guess the 05 exhaust as in comparism is both factual and opinionated. I just favor the look of the 04 more than 05. I like the polished steel muffler and the endcap. I don't mind the 05 exhaust, I'm just trying to find options for the exhaust system.


Well good luck with what ever you decide. I guess if I had the money I would get the new FMF Titanium Q exhaust. That exhaust looks trick!


I don't know why it can't be switched, 05 to 04. I went the other way, 03 to 05. I wanted the new "look". I redesigned the baffle with a larger pipe, and added a turn down tip. I can't believe that that is under the 96db noise level. That sucker is LOUD with the stock baffle out. By the way, the 05 aluminum can is just that, a can. I think that it is almost as heavy as the 03 stainless muffler. I didn't weigh them on the scales, but one in each hand they seemed about the same. :cry:


I'd be willing to trade my '04 exhaust for your '05 if you want to. I'm in Santa Rosa, CA if your interested. Send me a PM.

stretching this topic a little further, can the 05 muffler fit onto the older 98/99 wr4 bikes? perhaps minute modifications? thks.

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