All your WR pictures go here

Hanging out a couple places we weren't exactly invited to:



As you can see, I'm usually surrounded by Orange...representing Blue for all of us!


I love the blue wheels (drewling)

Here is my brothers bike and, mine in one of the coolest places I have ever rode! I would show you but, I would have to kill you..:ride:DSC00480.jpg

Bloody Runs, Winnemucca, Nv. near Sand Pass. Do I win?

Post more! I like this game.


Where did you get the yellow plastic's? Are they YZ?

I love the hurricane Yellow Plastic! I also have an 07 450 - Is that the 07 YZ 450 plastic?


Yamaha Hurricane Graphics Kits (includes fenders and shrouds) $206.95 not a bad deal.

this is my re painted frame...


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