99 400 Idle way to high

I need some serious help. I just rebuilt my 400 completely and it started right up. However, my idle is just way to high. The Idle Adj. doesn't even touch the throttle pulley. I rebuilt the carburetor w/no change in idle and the slide is completely closed. My next guess is the timing or electrical. My manual says how to check the timing but not how to adjust it. :cry:

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Have you checked the fuel screw?

Your Jetting is not correct. Balance the jetting and the idle will return to normal. This happens alot when the temps drop in winter.

Bonzai :cry:

.... The Idle Adj. doesn't even touch the throttle pulley. ....

Seems to me that in this case it would not run at all if everything was OK. Here are my ideas:

0) Make sure your throttle cables are adjusted properly and are not binding on anything. Does the speed change when you turn the bars left and right? If yes, then that is a sure sign that your cables are too tight or routed incorrectly.

1) Look into the carb to make sure the slide is actually closing all the way. Also make sure it's not in backwards. Search for posts on this; it looks correct when it's wrong and will not run correctly, though if I remember correctly it typically would not idle in this case.... And maybe that's only the later model carbs... I'm not sure so search for some posts. :cry:

2) Make sure your hot start is working properly. If it's stuck open or leaking then that will raise your idle.

3) Make sure you don't have an air leak between the carb and the head. An air leak can definitely raise your idle.

Hope this helps, let us know what you find!

Thanks for the help guy's. But the damn thing still idles high. I took the carb off and put everthing back to stock. I found no leaks and the hot start works properly. I started the bike with the throttle cables off and the sure enough it shot right back up to a high idle. I also unplugged the tps with very little change. Maybe, the problem's a little deeper. Thanks guy's.

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Speotis Von for Bang Ur (fourbanger)

99 YZ400f

02 CR250

Trail 90

Check the throttle slide plate for hairline cracks at the half moon indentations, or for a missing piece.

Check your intake manifold. My 426 had the high idle problem when it was less than a year old. Turned out the manifold was split. It wasn't visible 'til I took it off the bike, so take it right off, and inspect it thoroughly. I haven't heard of anyone other than me splitting a manifold, but it's worth a look..... :cry:

I found the problem. Believe it or not that damn throttle valve plate thats on the slide was upside down. I feel like a complete moron. thanks frostbike for the images ans sirthumpalot for the idea. I sure I'll screw up something so see yawl soon.

Speotis Von for Bang Ur (fourbanger)

99 YZ400f

02 CR250

Trail 90

Glad ya found it and it was an easy although tricky to find fix.

Hey a free fix, that's the best kind!

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