wr450, is it up to the job?

hey all, i need some solid advice before i part with my hard earned cash.

last year i switched from a road bike to mx but gave it up because of the hassle involved (maintenace, transport, trailer storage, broken wheels, e.t.c.) i much prefer off road and i now think i should have taken up green laning instead, so heres my dilema. i'm thinking of getting a 2004 wr450, now theres plenty of tracks where i live but theres quite a lot of road between tracks (quite a lot is about 30 miles round here). i'll be doing it with a mate whos got an xr650 and probably average about 60miles every time we go out. hes also suggested a couple of weeks around europe which will probably be a one off. i know the xr is virtually bulletproof and will run flat out for hours and it's a quicker bike better suited for the journey but would the wr be up to the job? i'm after info on:


top speed and top safe cruising speed (will the xr be ticking over while i'm flat out?)?

cruising tank range and mpg?

oil changes. (i changed the mx oil after every use but it was 2stroke)?

does the clutch burn out quickly (i know someone with a 2001 yz426 whos had two clutches burnout in a relitively short time)?

whats your opinion on the bike lasting a 2 week holiday on road and dirt not going too mad but not riding like your dad. is it going fall over and die 2000 away from home?

some has suggested a ktm 525 which may be a better option but i dont want to buy something thats going be hard work on the dirt and probably wont be as much fun as you're constantly trying to tame it. any help, advice, bike recomendations, anything, as iv'e got a month to pick, find and buy a decent bike.



I would go with XR650L or KLR650 for what you want to do. :cry:

The WR can do it but the transmission will not like all those road miles.

The WR will need daily oil changes on the your trip.

It will survive if you are dead set on the WR but it is really best suited as an off road bike. :cry:

I'd go the KLX650 myself. I nearly bought one instead of my WR.

Just looked at the kawasaki site and they seem to have discontinued it, so you'l have to look for a 2nd hand unit.

At 141kg they are a bit heavy for tight trails, but would be great on the open stuff. They have good suspension and a good strong engine that won't mind the kind of work you are talking about.

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