WR450 vs 524MXC vs XR650R

I own a 2004 Yamaha WR450F. I have convertered it into a dualsport. I am worried that I may want to trade it in soon for a 2005 bike.

Let me explain why somewhat:

A) I blast down the freeway about 2 miles (at 75mph speed limit) to commute to work, once in a while when I ride in to work.

:cry: On weekends, I do 10 miles of road (45 to 55mph) to get to the trails I ride (very technical, averaging 5mph for 20 t 50 miles. Getting there sucks, but better than putting a dirt bike on a trailer or in a truck. Once there, the WR450F is ok, sometimes I wish it was lighter on the tight technical stuff. Sometimes I wish it was more MX or SX for suspention work out I give it.

C) I’m a BIG guy, 6’3” and 270lbs. Stock suspention cranked to it’s max doesn’t quite handle me.

D) The stock gas tank is slightly on the small side. I know this is an easy fix with an aftermarket tank, but it makes me wonder if THIS bike was really meant for the kind of riding I do.

E) There isn’t a single time I ride that I don’t thank my lucky stars for that magic E-Start button!!!

F) I live in Southern Arizona. It gets to be 40F (4C) some mornings when I go out, and up to 120F (49C) some afternoons when I am riding. Water cooling is a must. Sometimes I think the WR is close to overheating, I ride SLOW, and there isn’t a lot of air moving over the radiator. Maybe it is just my paranoia, it hasn’t overheated yet, but, it scares me.

But, I guess I sometimes wonder, a Honda XR650R or KTM 525 MXC Desert Racing.

the xr650 is a lot hevier than the wr :cry: . As for over heating you can get a radiator fan and/or a boyseen water pump. stick with the wr :cry:

You are on the right bike for what you are describing! :cry:

The WR450 is the best do all bike! :cry:

If I were you I would do the following:

Boyesen water pump ( helps drop coolant temp)

13/50 gearing to save the clutch (still OK for short blast down freeway)

Install a KTM optional radiator fan with an on off switch ( turn on for crawling)

Run Two2Cool oil additive in the summer ( helps drop oil temp a lot)

Get a 5.8 Kg rear spring and have the rear shock revalved and Ohlins fluid

You got the best package for a 270 lb rider! Beats the KTM 525 and XR650R in overall performance. The WR is the best of them at 5 mph crawling in rocks. :cry:

If you were 180lb you could look at more options. :cry:

What options would come in to play for a 180lb rider?

What options would come in to play for a 180lb rider?

WR250F or competitive brands. At 270lbs of rider you need the grunt of the WR450 at rock crawling. :cry:

Both the 524MXC and XR650R may be better for your needs, big guy! You should post on those boards and get feedback, and I hope they convince you to sell yours, as it's just what I want! :cry:if you're going to sell it, email me at drolfe4@cox.net ....seriously!!! :cry:

I think stick to the WR 450 too. I rode my friends XR650 quite a bit. It puts out similar power to my WR 450 but feels ultra heavy in comparison. But I'm a squeak at 175 lbs. You could probably deal with it. No E start on that Honda hog though, and she is a tempermental witch when she wants to be.

I've been tempted myself at the 525 KTM's because I really love power all over the spectrum. Yeah the 450 is already more than I can effectively handle all the time. I don't care though, power wheelies at speed and throwing roost 20 yards directly into my friends helmet makes it worth while to me.

A bigge for me with KTM is the dealer network is too small to get parts in the same amount of time as Yami. I get stuff from Yamaha in a day! (I live in Bumble Fart Egypt too!) There are more Yamaha dealers than there are McDonalds.

Last rant for blue ("you're my boy Blue....you're my boy!) the 5 valve motor is just killer. I'm not a futser that lubes everything every ride, I clean the filter and play with the oil when it should be changed. I can't kill that bike. She runs great. Just tinker with some of the mods on yours, and maybe change gearing (like Indy said) and be happy. Dream of a six speed WR for '06, that's all I could ask for. ( OK maybe 2-trac and an aluminum frame, but that's really it.) :cry:


MXC 525 gearing is too tall for slow riding and will overheat much sooner than either of the other two bikes. XR650R will overheat sooner at slow speed than a WR450. You are on the best bike for what you do period. KTM parts tend to fall off if you don't maintain them after each ride. My friend's rear sproket bolts fell out last weekend on his 525 MXC.

I used to own a '01 xr650r. They have serious overheating problems.

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