XR650R vs. 525MXC vs. WR450F

triumph died in the early 80's. A decade later the name was resurrected.

Died and resurrected? A double standard here? That sounds like Husky! Formerly the original Husqvarna armory then owned by Electrolux, then Cagiva? Now? In production...out of production....dealers...no dealers!

To split hairs the original Triumph went to 83 with the "new" ones out from 85-on. Parts were always in production during the changeover from Meridan to Henley. So by the same standards if Husky can be claim to be 102 years old then Triumph is certainly 103!

I don't own either product but that new Husky TE-510 does look good.

Do what I did. Keep the one you have now and buy the other one. Like my 650R but really like my new wr450 for the tight stuff>

As previously noted, the problem with the WR's is that they really don't feel that light for a 450 and not much lighter then the 650R. They tend to get compared more to 650's then the other 450's! They are probably the most durable and reliable of the MX based 450's out there but need a full chasis makeover despite the 05 updates.

I'm also unsure of what to go to next time. I like the Honda but it's really more bike then I need. KTM's are more cost and maintenance then I need! Maybe I'll wait yet another year and see what the rumored aluminum framed 06 WR's will be all about!

The '06 aluminum framed WR is something I'll be watching closely too :cry:

ok--i give!

Husky is the SECOND oldest bike out there...

But-for the record-Husqvarna started business in the 17th century. Like Harley they where controlled for a time by a mulit-national...but now they ONLY make bikes... They are part of the Cagiva family....and Proton now is the largest share holder. Rumor has it Huskies are now made in a factory that used to turn out Harley stuff...Husky did suffer under a hostile take over bid by Piaggio that fell through in 2003 that affected one year of production...

My '02 650R now sits next to my '05 TE510. Its day and night. Barbaric and modern. New and old. The jump from the 650R to the CRF600X will be the biggest jump since the '79 XL 250 came out for big red.

I don't think I'd broadcast that old Harley factories are now making Husky's or even keep comparing them, Harley's aren't know for their reliability. Its basicly a name and a lifestyle more than anything.

Harley would give me reason to stay away from Husky! :cry:

Also the fact that they may disappear again in a few years. Who knows! :cry:

I'm glad you like yours, I'm not knocking your bike, just questioning the past reputation of the company...I'm not going to buy stock in them anytime soon.


Yeah its an old factory....but they re-tiled the bathrooms, painted the ceiling and trimmed the hedges out front....not to mention the state-of-the-art assembly area! The north Italy/Austria/Germany region is at the center of manufacturing renaissance in europe. No wonder KTM, Husky, Ducati, Aprillia, TM, VOR, Vertemati are all expanding at a time Jap companies are scalling back, sharing desings and pulling out of racing. Jap bike dirt bike sales peaked in the 1980's....european bike sales peaked in 2004!

Harley has been making very reliable stuff for a decade or more...and Harley stock has out perfromed Wall Street for the past 10+ years. If i could buy Cagiva stock cheap--especially now that Proton is part of it....I WOULD!

--just having a bit of fun--

I own a piggy...

My '02 650R now sits next to my '05 TE510. Its day and night. Barbaric and modern. New and old. The jump from the 650R to the CRF600X will be the biggest jump since the '79 XL 250 came out for big red.
Barring a CRF600X that Husky sounds awesome and is getting some good press..combining the best attributes of Japanese bikes and KTM's. Great looks and performance, lots of top shelf goodies AND a good price with ease of maintenance to boot. A dealer in the area would sure help seal the deal!

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