what can i do now ??

need to get some more power out my 2001 yz426 what more can i do to it ??

mods ive got so far are >

big bore kit to 446

full race spec gas flowed head

stage 2 hotcams with auto de-comp and adjustable pully

t4 full system

bk mod

jd jetting kit

modded air box

race spark plug

uprated clutch

free mods like blue wire etc

cant think of much more i can do to it is there anythin ive missed ?? not many yz are tuned in the uk :cry: so any help would be great :cry:

i need the power becouse i race supermoto and need to keep with the 450 hondas and ktms all the other bits are sourted like 320mm front disk and 4 pot etc its just the engine i need help on :cry:

is there any good site anyone knows about

ben :cry:

Nitrus and a turbo?

:cry: cant use them in my class :cry:

hey you need to be at the top of your game :cry: is there really nothin more i can do ? :cry:

There is a guy around here with the name FFRracing (or FFRacing?), I believe he also races supermoto and he's got some impressive dyno's. Not sure if he'll share any secrets with you, but you might want to search for some of his posts. Hope this helps!

great thanks thats just what im after ill see what i can find :cry:

I thought you didnt need to do the BK mod becuase they solved the problems the 99 and 2000 models have in the 01 model? Maybe Im off track here!!??

Get your wallet out......question would you be willing to spend 1-2 grand to get it faster or buy a newer or new bike?

how about a falicon stroker crank? with ur current big bore you would then be pushing approximately 490cc. in my opinion, the bike is already understroked and then when bored it makes it even more. i would get the stroker crank. just an idea.

stroker, high compression, ported and polished, larger valves, ti valve train, NOS boondocker.com, menthnol, micro polish and blueprint and balence, If you want to go with a turbo or supercharger gice magna chargers a cal.. But you will need to do extremem modifications to the motor to accomidat those.

I thought you didnt need to do the BK mod becuase they solved the problems the 99 and 2000 models have in the 01 model? Maybe Im off track here!!??

Yep, your off track.

Brian Kinny Tim ferrys mechanic invented the mod, and tim road the 426 in 01 or 02 one of thoose years. the mod can be done on all the 426, i think some were even doing it on there 450's.

the stroker crank sounds a good idea so will that work ok with the big bore kit ??

the head is ported and polished theres nothin more i can do in there its all been done

and i have a power now as well i forgot about that :cry:

maybe lighten and ballancing the bottom end as well if i do the crank ?

I think you should start cosmetically. 450 style plastics etc

allready have hot cams :) and im not to bothered about doing the plastics yet they can wait :)

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