Valve Shim Compatibility

Does anyone know if any other shims will work besides the Yamaha ones. I know on my Triumph Sprint that I had the Kawasaki shims were the same.

i've heard a couple times that the crf shims were the same,but don't take that as word. :cry:

Honda shims are the same. Hot Cams sells a nice kit. :cry:

there is a model of toyota that has the same shim sizes, not sure what model.

My yamaha spare parts dude (very clever man, especially for a dealership worker) told me this as I was purchasing a 120 shim (smallest yamaha make) for my centre inlet valve :cry:

New valves are on the way.

I'm doing some pre release testing for a new aftermarket Ti valve company, I'll let you know how they go when they finally get here.

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