Top End Work $$$

I'm going to have a guy put a fresh top end on my 01, this is the first time I've ever cracked the top. Could anyone give me a figure as to what they've paid for similar work done and a heads up for any suprises.


Just got my estimate w/ parts and labor at around $500 bucks. What do ya think.

The valves and springs for my 250F cost me $480+, just for the parts. It sounds like they are not planning to replace your valves. It would be a suprise if they decided it needed it after they opened it up. Figure an extra $120-175 labor for head work if it goes that way.

Another surprise would be to lay out all that cash and then have to pull it apart for valve work 3 months later.

No matter what, plan to put valve springs and a timing chain in it. $60 worth of cheap insurance. :cry:

sounds right my 03 cost $700 but $200 was having the cylinder done

where are you at in mi

I just finished putting a complete top end. All new cylinder, piston, head, valves and springs. I went with the steel valves to save some $. I paid around $1300 from the local Yamaha dealer. All parts were OEM.

The more and more I realise how easy 2-strokes are, the more I see how easy 4-strokes are. To explain: Think of it like this, a four-stroke, is like a two without the valves and 2 extra strokes. But, if you didn't look at from that point of view and only looked at the aspect of engine design, you start to realise that the cylinder is like a two-strokes. Its not hard to rebuild a 4-stroke engine, but non-the less, it is harder then a 2-stroke. Lets break it down: 2-stroke= cylinder, exhaust valve(most bikes), reed valve. 4-stroke= cylinder, valves. For a typical top-end on a two stroke is anywhere from 120-700. For a typical top-end on a four-stroke without the valves is, what, around 400? It doesnt seem that much harder to do the valves or top-end on a four-stroke. Anyone beg a differ or some more insight?

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