Panoram Computer

I recently bought a Panoram setup the other day, love it! But now all the segments on the screens went CRAZY!!! It seems as though when I used the back light for the first time :) Now it's just blank. I placed a new battery in it, no worky!..Huh? Anybody else have such a problem? I probably have 2 rides on it. The sensor cable seems to be fine....Thanks......Tim

It is brain dead!!!

I had the samething happen to mine last month and I had to sent it back for a replacement. Only send the computer unit - you do not have to take the whole thing apart. Just to be on the safe side try to re-set the computer before you send it back. Also check and see if the battery is making contact.


I've been thinking about getting one of those for my YZ400. Outta curiosity, where did you get it and how much did you pay if you don't mind telling?




"What's that?"

"It's a Yellow 99' YZ400!!"

I just got mine from for $76.39, shipped to my door. Yes, it is a Panoram, by Trail-tech.

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Send back the unit for a replacement.

Geoff at specializes in this product and helped design the unit. Trailtech has a quality product and stands behind it with extremely good customer service. Not sure if rockymountain resells his unit, but if they don't, I would definitely head to trailtech.

I got mine for much less way back when they first came to market. Now they are around $75--but the Panoram w/ trailtech kit works great.

sirhk: Sorry not to respond for a few days,been camping..I bought mine @ Rocky mountain also, the price was $69.00 plus tax and shipping..It is the trailtech one,no problem ordering, couple of days and it was here!!.......Tim

Originally posted by sirhk:


I've been thinking about getting one of those for my YZ400. Outta curiosity, where did you get it and how much did you pay if you don't mind telling?


Bought mine direct from trail tech and paid about $75.00 plus freight. Mine worked great the first time I used it, the second day it went crazy, all the numbers were spinning. Not so much fun to try and fix (reset) while riding a dual sport.I'll take the owners packet with me so I reset on the trail. Once you loose your mileage, it's a real pain to figure how far to the next turn. Called trail tech and they said to try another battery?????? Not sure about the product yet, the concept is great but needs to be reliable and be able to reset mileage especially if you need to back track during a dual sport ride.

i really like my panoram computer,but reliablity is a issue.ive had to have mine replaced twice in 6 mons.2 of buddies also have panorams on there bikes and they've also had to have them replaced.

mine went crazy too just sent mine back.

add another one to the list.

I've bad my Panaoram for well over a year. No problems, about 1,000 miles of use.

Actually, the only problem I did have was the magnet fell off the hub. After using epoxy on it, it has stayed intact.

Mine just recently took a dump on me. I've e-mailed Geoff and expect good results.


Mine is in the bin (trash for you yanks)

I had a lot of trouble with exactly the things you are all mentioning, plus water ingestion..... had it replaced once.... damn fine service from trail tech...

same problem arose with the new one....

I sourced the problem to vibration... those who do more driving on hard surfaces may suffer least reliability... The WR trip meter bracket turned upside down does not offer enough vibration dampening.

vibration makes the battery connection 'spring tab' eat through the foil on the circuit board, and causes a bad contact. I dismantled mine for examination before launching it in the bin.

I still use the trail tech magnet,sensor and cable but have soldered it to a VDO cycle computer I bought from a local shop (Halfords)for just £19.... it has all the same functions as the topeak one but the display is not so fancy.... Its easier to remove before a jetwash.... and is 100% reliable.


From Bicycle experience I know these computers are said to be water resistent, but they will not take it if you push the buttons will in a wet environment. The buttons are not water tight. The original disign was on a flexable plastic mount which allowed better impact absorbsion. I used to use a bicycle computer on my bike years ago with no problems. I have just purchased a Panoram, so I'll advise how it goes.

Mine has been totally reliable over the past 1000 mi. of hard trail riding through tight brush, etc... However, I did notice the epoxy cracking and had to remount the magnet recently. Otherwise, I think it's a pretty slick unit and worth the $$.

Though I hope I never need them, I know the Trailtech guys stand behind the product 100%, which has to make you feel good.

I purchased a panoram back in May. Last Sunday, I spilt a liitle fuel on the screen while refueling. This caused the screen to become crazed and hard to read. I emailed Geoff on Sunday night and he is sending a replacement at reduced cost. This is excellant service, considering it wasn,t really warranty. The unit has otherwise performed brilliantly for over 2000klm of hard riding.




even though im on my 3rd panoram in past 6 months im still very happy with it. the fact that topeak stands behind there computer's warranty is a big plus.i dont think there are too many bicycle computers on the market that could survive 6 mons. mounted to handlebars of my lucky i survived the last 6 months on my bike.

I put 1000 miles on mine in 3 months, mostly single track. No problems.


Rick Fuller

'01 yz426

'00 yz426 destroyed by fire in desert race 4/22/01

'81 490 Maico

I have my old password back....

Mine was fine off road..... it's when riding fast on the road, the vibration was just too much..... it needs to be mounted flexibly.... like the cycle mount supplied with it, but that is not so easy to see over the bar pad.

Also, it got wet with just a small splash.

Does any one know where inside the panoram the vibration is causing the problem?

I just got a new replacement for my first one

and would like to fix it.

I should have looked inside the broken one for any visual defects (battery terminals) but I did not want to screw with the warrenty.

maybe a little silicone to hold the battery???

I like this unit, I hope that TT can once again help us (panoram users) find a solution.



I went riding with mine this weekend and had no problems. I am very happy with its performance so far. I also run up the pavement to test for max speed and milage. The unit worked well, but skipped a couple of MPH on the display when accelerating fast.

I used a small rubber washer and a metal washer on the mounting screws to dampen the vibration.

I also used the upside down speedo bracket and offset the base to the left for better viewing. It is a less ridged mounting possition than over the center of the bracket, so that might also contribute.

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