Stock xr650r headlight legal in colorado?

Has anybody converted an xr to dual sport in Colorado. Can I use the stock headlight?

I put a baja designs kit on a new 650R and licensed it in Colorado a few months back. I believe the stock headlight is legal in Colorado. Double check with any DMV though.

One thing I can say is they did absolutely no inspection of the bike. You sign a form saying that it has street legal tires, a brake light, and a mirror. I think that was it!


I did mine with stock headlight. Just installed a brake light switch and dual filament bulb for stop/tail light. On the paper from DMV make sure you write down DOT tires. MSO must also state "For Off-Road Use ONLY".

Stock headlight will work, but I wouldn't ride around at night with it as it pretty much sucks.

You can get away with pretty much anything out here, but i'd pony up for better headlight and rewind your stator.

Yeah, it doesn't take much to be street legal in Colorado.

In fact, just having a green sticker makes you legal on county roads and fire roads in the national forests. Many of the small towns also allow off-road vehicles with or even without a green sticker, to ride into town to pick up supplies, this applies to dirt bikes as well as atv's. Just make sure you have a legal spark arrestor and a pipe that isn't too loud.

There is a minimum wattage to be technically legal; I can't remember what it is, but it is higher than the 35w bulb that comes stock on an XR600.

I have mine plated in Illinois, and they never checked the wattage on the headlight. The stocker does suck at night, and it doesn't take much to outrun the light. I rewound my stator, but have just been putting off spending the money on a new light. I'll probably go with the Baja Designs unit. It's about $80. I'm looking at the Baja Des. Tecate version, but I don't know the price yet. It has a pencil beam light in the number plate portion too. My $.02.


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