First Ride

I Finally got the chance to ride my new 05 WR450. After spending some quality time with it in the garage doing all the mods, which is a piece of cake i might add, gray wire, air box, JD jetting (spot on) Ty fuel screw, powernow (both which i recommend) pro circuit 496 pipe (fits nice works great and sounds good too, not to loud) and the lowedogs ais kit (another nice piece and easy to do) This things runs great !!!! Everything i needed to do was on here you guys are great. :cry::cry::cry: I sure hope i run into some TTers when I'm out riding. I must say after my first ride (up in Georgetown) this past weekend i gotta say this is the best Dirt bike i have ever owned, and Ive owned a few.

Just Sold a wr250 to get the WR450 and i couldn't be happier. Wanted more power, got it, wanted e start, got it didn't want a heavy tank of a bike, didn't get it, (had a drz 400, nice but heavy) I'm sure once i get used to this bike i will be able to toss it around like i did the 250. some guys on here where talking about throttle controll, well of course you have to controll the throttle its a "450" for crying out loud this things gots lots of power use it right and never run out. :cry: I love how you can point this thing into a corner, hit the gas and rail out like its on cruise control even in the tight stuff. and jumps well i don't have it tottally dialed in yet but it sure feels like I'm landing on a marshmallow. I'm 210 lbs 6' 2' so will stiffen it up a bit but not until i need to right out of the box its working great. Thats my story and I'm sticking to it.....

Happy riding guys and thanks for the help. :cry:

Great to see another WR450 enthusiast. :cry: I love my WR450 ! :cry:

G'day I Would Have To Agree These Bikes Are Good This Is The First Bike I Have Owned And I Could'nt Be Happier If Anyone Is Thinking About Buying Their First Bike I Would Recommend A Wr450 So Long As You Don't Try To Be A Hero Until You Get Some Time Racked Up On It To Get Use The Power & Handling, I've Only Been Riding For 3 Months (33yo) And I'm Going Off Jumps And Doing Wheel Stands, What I'm Trying To Say Is These Bikes Are Managable For Beginners I Have Only Had Very Limited Riding Experience Prior To Getting This Bike.( But I'm Still Riding Caution ) :cry::cry::cry:

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