XR 650 R Heating too much

I have 650 R with the following jeting:

Main : 175

Low: 60

Needle: 3 from top

Pilot Screw: 2 turns

The problem is: It heats too much and the idle speed is iregular. And it also backfires a lot.

HELP..... :cry:

What's altitude and temperatures are you riding in?

By low I think you mean the pilot jet. A lean pilot will cause backfiringand and might cause idle problems. I'm running a 68S pilot jet and don't have any backfiring problems anymore.

I run a bigger pilot jet than that in my smaller 600. You need more low throttle fuel, and that means a bigger pilot. Most everyone recommends a 68S pilot, so that might be a good place to start.

He's totally lean. I don't even see how this bike came with a 60 pilot, different country I guess. However, to my knowledge the smallest size from the factory was a 65. Strange. Get the 68s and don't look back. All those issues will be gone.

I'm riding at around 3600 feet and the temperature around 20 ºC

I´ll try that... Thanks... By the way: Yes I meant pilot jet.

The 68's pilot jet should minimize overheating and backfiring. If your top end performance at Wide Open Throttle seems a bit soft with the 175 main jet, then

I'd recommend trying a 168 or 170 main jet for better wide open throttle performance while riding at 3600 ft @ 20ºC.

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