New pipe with YZ timing?

I want to change the timing on my 2001WR (Canadian Model), but I wanted to know if I should get a YZ (or equivalent) pipe first.

Also, do I HAVE to change my jets? I'm riding at sea level.

You don't *have* to. A stock YZ pipe will perform much better, in the mid and high range. Generally you can find them between $50-100 on the YZ side of the house.

It's also a way to lighten the bike, and up high where you'll feel it.

Jetting for YZ timing isn't too bad. Most anything will work, OK. I'm at 600 ft

For excellent all around performance, I've changed to an EKN needle clip #4. #100 main air jet. 165 Main jet. Up to 172 works fine too. #48 pilot w/ fuel screw set around 1.25 turns. The needle change is drastic, it really hits hard and fast while maintaning a smooth low end for traction. This is not my brewing, James Dean and others posted options awhile back and they do work. The EKP needle is similar and can be used if the EKN is not available or on backorder.

During the colder months, the fuel screw will need to be turned out a little and the main jet can easily be 170-172.

Good luck. Hopefully for around $100 you'll get a pipe, jets, and a whole new bike. Compared to a stock jetting WR timed bike, this setup RIPS!

Bill just changed his timing and jetting. He's not going back. Any comments, Bill?

Stock YZ pipe, tapered header, YZ timing, airbox lid off.

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