Popping on Decel Questions

I know popping on decel is caused by it being lean, but I was also wondering about if using a blend of 110 and 91 could cause it to do it more?


Good Question....My Experience in running different octanes is that the higher the octane, the hotter the engine runs....I have never experienced using anything higher than super unleaded from the pump....

I don't think so, but i'm no pro either. Maybe you need to go up on your "jet needle" one clip to richen it up and maybe about 3/4 turn on your fuel/pilot screw.

There are 2 common causes of decel popping. One is lean idle mixture. (although, I've seen people say that they had too-rich conditions cause it too, but they were very over-rich)

The second is an air leak in the exhaust system. Check the mid-pipe joint and the seal at the head. It's simple. There is normally some fuel running through the exhaust on decel, and it's already hot. All you need is a little air. :cry:

I experianced this before and it turned out to be bits of grass/dirt clogging the air jets on the airbox side of the intake.

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