Wiseco Piston

Im getting ready to do the top end of the ole blue beast :cry: and the thing that paeked my intrest is the oil ring set. It doesnt seem like the oil rings are going to go in properly. It seems as though the center part of the oil controle ring is too big and will NEVER compress enough to go in. Has ANYBODY used a wiseco piston set in there 426. I have cross checked the wiseco #s and everything matches. I dont even think a ring compressor will get the job done without damaging the ring (couragated ring). ANYBODY :cry::cry::cry::cry:

Hey I just put a wiseco piston in my 02 wr426f. You just got to play with it. I thought the same it seemed that the s shape oil ring was to big. It is a pain but you will love it in the end! also double check you valve shims before you put it back together again. Mine slipped out of there grove and caused a no compression condition took 3 days to figure out. I must have check my timing 7 times before I checked them Hope this helps

Thanx , did you NEED to use a ring compressor like the directions said on the ring package? :cry:

Had the same problem with mine a couple of months ago. Turned out they were the wrong rings for the piston. I will never use Wiseco again. Only OEM

The "triplex" style of oil ring is always more difficult to compress by hand than the compression rings are.

Be sure they are assembled properly. Check the manual for the locations of the end gaps. If you don't have one, if the center intake valve is at 12:00 o'clock, the expander end gap should go at 10:00, and the ring ends at 8:00 and 4:00.

Make sure that the expander ends are butted, not overlapping, and the both rings sit on the expander correctly. Lube the rings and the bottom of the cylinder liberally with clean engine oil and work the cylinder down over the rings. You can put a rag over the crankcase mouth and set the piston skirt on it for support, then bump the cylinder with the heel of your hand to help it on, but be careful doing that.

A ring compressor does make the job easier.

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