Which guards or braces fit Fluidyne radiators?

I just bought some of the Fluidyne oversized radiators that IMS is selling. They fit the (98-04 YZ400,426,450). Got them from the TT store :cry:. I'm putting the Fluidyne radiators on a 98 YZ400F. I also bought the YZ426F shrouds since these are needed. Which guards or braces will fit the Fluidyne radiators since they're bigger than stock. I was running Flatland Racing guards on my stock YF400F radiators and was very happy with them. I was considering getting either the Flatland Racing guards or maybe the ZipTy Racing braces or Works Connection braces, but I'm not sure if they will fit. Since these radiators are so dam beefy do I really need to run any guards or braces? Has anyone bent the Fluidyne radiators yet? Also if anyone is in the market for stock YZ400F radiators or Flatland Racing guards for the YZ400F/WR400F let me know.

Thanks for the info.

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