Anyone give a quick lesson on trueing the wheel?

I tightened some loose spokes and the rear wheel is a bit untrue. I cant remember that spokes to tighten on opposite side or whatever.

There are no lessons its experiance

All I can say is Look and the Capital Letter L and then your spokes

Now look at the letter V and your spokes

Figure it out

Bottom line, for every action there is a reaction

If you need your wheels trued, best to bring them to someone with experaince and knowledge

I did my wheels before, I just cant remember what spoke to tighten to straightin out the other side. I figure it out. :cry:

Just be aware of which side of the hub the spoke is coming from. This will determine the direction the rim will pull too and the direction the opposite side of the wheel will go away from.

I've done many wheel builds and I've taught a few how to do them, but I don't think I could ever explain the procedure through a keyboard. I could only teach it through visual example.

Other than that the best suggestion I could give for the job is to always think of what implication your actions will have on the other side of the rim ...and have lots of patients. This is a job I'm never in a hurry to finish.

Make sure they all sound the same. Tap them with the wrench on each side.

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