gyt-r exhaust for yz400/426

I have found this exhaust on ebay for mine yz400, someone of you already seen or tried it? l'exhaust it is gyt-r therefore a task that is beautiful exhaust thanks

pics of exhaust

That thing is way cool!!!

that has me thinking of getting rid of my big gun and trying one of those, it looks bad @ss

This looks nothing like the like the pipe on Yami site.

I say it's bunk...

Yea you might wanna check it out CLOSE because it looks like it is for something else because the tag is on the wring side of the can to go on the right side of the bike , you wont see the name tag. It might be for a quad :cry:

:cry: Great exhaust. I have one myself.. Airflow is improved dramatically and this thing is loud as hell:thumbsup: (yes i trail ride). The exhaust is just one big hole through the whole canister. The emblem is on the opposite side in the pic than it is in real life... weird i dunno. The system is a LOT lighter than stock and I have nothing negative to say about it. :cry:





I must agree that exhaust is really loud!!

What those exhaust are left over clearance items from yamaha. Early last year, Yamaha clearanced all the 98-02 YZF parts, mainly the YZ400F factory aftermarket exhaust. There were 4 different carbon fiber exhaust in the clearance. THey are from the early race team bikes of 98-99 - same product the race team ran.

The exhaust is made by white brothers. IT is a S bend silencer with a carbon fiber can. I had the ProMeg Ti and carbon fiber E series on my 426.

They will fit the 98-02 400 and 426 bikes. They are for real. What you still find on Ebay is sellers that had a high reserve on the items (dealers or people working at dealers) and have not been able to sell the pipes for about 6 months now.

That IS a sweeeet lookin pipe. Never work here in Cali f in fornia 96 db and all the other crap. :cry:

then... you what that exhaust advised for mine yz400, a DR D or a yoshimura RS3 slip on in steel? I do not want to spend more than 400$



I got a white bro's oval alum and it is nice it actually came with my bike , i baught it used. :cry::cry:

Just scooped one of these bad boys for $200 bucks, carbon fiber muffler and titanium mid-pipe. Interested you can contact Yamaha of Southern Illinois.

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