Supertrapp EAR or FMF

I have always used Supertrapp EAR's on my bikes with good results. And I have a cheap, battered eBay special to try on my old XL600 as soon as the garage thaws. But my wife owes me a Christmas present so I am considering a FMF Titanium4 instead. I already have the Ti midpipe for it (another eBay special) so it would not be terribly expensive to go that route.

So, does anybody have any experience with these FMF Ti4 silencers? I am wondering how they compare to the Supertrapp EAR in dB level and performance. I need to keep things reasonably quiet. But I want the weight saving and performance boost to go with my rejetting efforts.

I have the regular Q the ti is supposed to be just as quiet. The great thing about the Q is they don't even check it at sound tests they just pass me!

i've been wondering the same

keep us posted if you go with the fmf q pipe

compared to the super trap ear


ive got the titanium4 on my xr650r and it roars like a god-da$#@# TYRANNASAURUS!!! i love the power curve it gives. feels like a different bike :cry:

I never read dirt rider but picked a copy up yesterday for some reason and they have an article about the Ti Q pipe. Their only complaint was about how easily Ti gets dented. They give the Q model a thumbs up.

Time to blow my Christmas money. I can't believe how light the Ti midpipe is. I can't wait to ditch the anchor Honda calls a muffler. Too bad half of my bus isn't made out of the stuff.

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