Best DS mods / tires for a 05 WR450?

My new 05 :cry: is not yet DS, and has the off road tires, etc., but I'll need to add a lighting kit, etc, along with changing the tires for DS. What is the best lighting kit for this bike (BD / JRP / other), tires and any other recommendations please. Thanks for your help.

Trick Dual Sport! They just did a review in Dirt Bike last month. I have had the kit for 18 months and cant be more satisfied. Dale has a great reputation for support and custom work! :cry: Tires you have many choices. I like the Michelin Baja set up for wear and performance.

The trick dual sport kit is definitely the best looking product I've seen so far, IMO.

It will go on my bike when the time comes.

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