What "issues" should I look out for on a YZ426F?

I'm looking to pick up a 2001 YZ426F and was wondering what issues these bikes have. What are the common things to look for and what the required work would be and when. Like hours before a head needs to be done etc.

Thanks for all your help.

I have that same bike i picked up the middle of the summer.. I has never had a top end redone and it still runs very strong! I have had no problems with it expect for 2 fouled plugs.

The original owner! It's all the way the bike was cared for.

I have an '02 with at least 200+ hours and still running strong :cry: Never had a single thing go wrong with it (knock on wood)

ohhh, except 5th gear which is slipping... don't need it anyways :cry:

Great bike, nothing will go wrong.

Bike is basically bulletproof. Sold my 00' Right after Christmas on ebay for $2350, just to get an idea of the price range for these bikes. Anyway, change the oil frequently, and clean the air filter every ride and the bike is golden. I rode mine for a year of mx, practicing 2x a week, about 3 hours a piece and didn't check the valves once. Started 1-2 kicks from the day I bought it to the day I sold it.....All this talk is making me miss her. im getting my new bike tomorrow, 04' CRF450, hope it is just like the 426 reliability wise... :cry: Good Luck, you will not regret it!

just got an 01 is excellent shape for 2 grand......

I've had an '01 for 2 years and haven't had any trouble what so ever with it. If the previous owner has been doing his maintenance this should be a great bike for you. Most importantly find out if he has been changing his oil regularly. If he has than no problem, if not, I'd probably walk away from it.

Here are some common, but minor issues to look out for.

The throttle cable has a tendancy to fray at the carb end. Check it and replace if needed. There are two throttle cables (push and pull). Make sure you check both.

Some people find that the chain guard on the top of the swing arm can rub on the swing arm and wear a groove in the swing arm. I haven't expierenced this, but it's a well known issue.

You will want to check the valve clearances just so you know where they are right off the bat. Plan on adjusting your valves every couple hundred hours (varies from bike to bike). Some have gone years without needing to adjust their valves, others have to do it yearly. The key is to check them from time to time. It's easy to do and only takes about 5 minutes.

One last problem. Most owners find that the front wheel has trouble staying on the ground when the throttle is twisted. :cry: There doesn't seem to be any "fix" for this problem so you just learn to live with it. :cry:

There may be a few other minor things that I can't think of right now. For the most part this is an extremely reliable bike. By 2001 Yamaha had pretty much worked all the kinks out of the design. Of all the thumper MXers, most people would agree the 426/450 is the most reliable.

Third Gear

I just bought an '00 a couple months ago from a friend who maintained the bike properly. I got 1/2 day ride out of it before it started smoking, then rattling and finally locked up.

I'm looking at a couple of reciepts totalling almost $1300 for a new crank, piston, pin, clips 3 valves, machine work and a cylinder.

I rarely by new motor vehicles and generally have excellent luck. In this case, it didn't pay off. At least the owner is chipping in for 1/2 the expense.

One last problem. Most owners find that the front wheel has trouble staying on the ground when the throttle is twisted. :cry: There doesn't seem to be any "fix" for this problem so you just learn to live with it. :cry:


I love my 426. The only problem I have had is the knobbies getting torn off the rear tire. The bike is great. I highly recommend owning one.

head set bearings (stem)Keep them greased!

Sounds liket the owner was an idiot before you, and knew he neglected the maintenace.

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