Rear shock

Hello again....

I've got some major damage to my shock and find myself in a dilema.

The cost to repair it is only marginally cheaper than buying a brand new Ohlins shock.

What are your thoughts? Will I be better off spending a bit more and getting the Ohlins?



Tell us the exact damage for a more accurate response.

Forget the standard shock and go for the Ohlins. I had my standard one revalved and there is a big improvement, so I would assume the Ohlins (set up correctly) would be at least as good. You would probably want to get the forks revalved to match - got mine done at RaceSpec (

BTW, are you riding in the Eastern centre this weekend - I seem to recall you're from that way?


About 3 months ago I seen one sell on e-bay for around $60. What are they asking to fix it?

I wish I could remember who the seller was he had all sorts of WR merchandise for sale.


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MXH....Unluckily for me, I'll not be riding anywhere this weekend due to my lack of boingyness at the rear end.

As for how it happened....its really not that interesting but maybe something to watch for.

A couple of weeks ago, While riding a muddy mx track (Washbrook Farm in to those of you here in England) I noticed the bike started to feel a bit odd but put it down to the huge amount of mud on the bike, so after giving it a quick checkover I decided to keep riding for the rest of the day.

While cleaning it off later on, I foung to my horror that the spring had come off the seat at the bottom of the shock and was now sitting forward of its normally central position relative to the damper rod.

As a result, the spring has rubbed on the bottom of the shock body (where the damper rod enters the body), so much so that it has worn right through the casing.

So, as I major!

Since starting this post, I've found a place that is going to supply me with an Ohlins shock that is sprung and valved to my weight, for £250 as opposed to the £450 list price.

BTW an original shock from Yamaha is £760!!!

Happy riding


Does White Power (and White Bros) still sell shocks?

Ohlins still gets the nod, but I am curious...


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This one really has my curosity peaked. "Major damage to my shock" there has got to be a great story in here somewhere.

You didn't mention any other damage, so I'm thinking you've got one of those stories to tell that starts: THERE I WAS, THUMPIN ALONG AT 90 MILES AN HOUR,INVEVERTED,WHEN :)

I gotta know more...... :D

I have a 99 rear shock like new, 5 rides.

make me an offer

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