First Impression - Scott's Damper

Thanks to Brian at TT Shop, who invested the time to answer lots of questions and relate his experience on dampers. I decided on a Scott's due to the adjustability and the zero return to center (good price from TT too). I ride a lot of tight twisty, with some straight aways. Speed range is usually 20-60mph, with average around 30. Everyone said it is odd, but you will not notice it working at first. In fact, I did wonder if it was functioning for the first pat of the ride. However, I can say that I am sure it did work and there were several times that I liekly would have been re-directed had ti not been mounted up. Additionally, it also seemed to make a difference in being able to go straight in the slow muddy sections filly with that snotty, slick clay, as well as the tight, rain rutted single track. Looking back, I am sure that there were a few sections that I went faster in because of it. I had groused on the decision to get one for a while. For those of you in the same position, I would make the decision to get one again. More to follow as I get better acquainted with the its operation.

Wait until you hit wheel deflecting rocks or roots and bang a few trees with your bark busters! :cry: First mod and tops on my list. I love my Scotts! :cry:

Steering dampner is next on my list but I still can't decide between GPR and Scotts :cry:

Or, for that matter ....triple clamp, bars, sub-mount / top mount ... :cry:

I had actually ordered the GPR/Applied setup, but after reading some of the posts from people who already used the GPR, I cancelled the order and bought the Scotts damper with Scotts Triple. I have no regrets. Scotts is (arguably)the best damper on the market.

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