Great day

I must say... Now I really know what my WR is for :cry: I went for a ride today with a buddy on single track, steep, and muddy conditions. The snow just melted so it's pretty snotty out there. I crossed rivers, climbed steep hills, rode tight switch backs, mud, rocks, snow, and big puddles. :cry: I think this was my first "real" ride with the WR. I need to gear it down a little for those tight trails. My buddy is riding a 2001 XR400, he rode most the trails in 2nd gear. I was between first and second all day. I know it doesn't seem to fun riding only in first and second gear but it was a BLAST! :cry: I'm sore and I spent most of the day pretty "puckered" riding all day. The switch back trails are only about 2' wide and very steep. When I looked down (When I had the chance) it was a loooong way down. :cry: "Pucker" power! I just thought I would share. Pic 1 Pic 2 Pic 3

Pics were taken with my cell phone... Not very good but better then nothing!

EDIT: It was 65 degrees out too. Not to bad in Oregon in the month of January! :cry:

13/50 gearing and you got it perfect for riding in those conditions! :cry:

Not bad pics for a camera phone. :cry:

Thanks for the info. What is stock any ways? Thanks again!

14/50 is stock gearing but you can change it to the 13/50 with stock 114 links of chain. :cry:

Thanks for the info. Looks like I will be doing some little things just to "fine tune" it a little.

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