Best place to trade-in?

I have a 99 YZ400F in immaculate condition and perfect running order and am trying to sell but not even so far as a call. I know if someone is looking for one they will definately buy mine I was just wondering where would be the best dealer in southern california to trade it in so I can step up to a differant bike. Let me know if you guys have any info.

You will get nothing for a trade in Lower the price on the bike? What are ya asking?

Wait til spring and try to sell it then. It seems like the market is slow right now. I put my xr400 in the Cycle Trader in September and only had a couple of calls.

I'm askin 2800 but am willing to deal.

Yea that's a good price for where you live. In california bikes are at least 25% more because of the demand and because its california. I talked to a guy at a dealership today, accually it was Del Amo motorsports, about trade-ins and I showed him a pict and he said he would give me 2700 cash but he wants to come look at it next week so maybe I'll be on my new 525 exc sooner than I thought. :cry:

I would jump at that offer. In my area you need to get below 2000 before you will have a chance to sell a 400. :cry:

Sweet avatar Chip! He he he he. :cry::cry::cry::cry:

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