Fork oil change, how much oil?

I am going to change my fork oil. How much oil do I need to buy? I weigh 250lbs. ( remember muscle weighs more than fat! ) and have stiffer springs in the forks but they are still soft when jumping. What weight oil should I use. The manual has a min. oil height, what is the max height I can go.

The range is 80-150mm. Start around 100 and add as required. You could try a 7 or 10 weight cartridge oil.

How much oil will I need to buy?

I BELIEVE 500cc's per leg put my 99 @ minimum level (whatever the capacity is of a RATIO RIGHT). I used PJ1 2.5 weight, and I need to raise my level (I weigh 170#).

According to MXA, 5 wt should be the minimum viscosity to ensure proper lubrication of the fork internals. Kayaba 01 IS 5 wt.


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I changed the oil last night. I followed the directions to the letter. It took less than 1qt. for both forks w/a height of 90mm. Does that sound right. Seems like it should have held more than that.


Priming the cartridge with oil is critical for attaining the proper oil height. I tore my forks apart and thoroughly cleaned them prior to adding oil. If you did not fully dissasemble your forks, then yes, you may bo OK on oil level...

No I didn't disassemble them but I did pump the tubes to get as much of the old oil out as possible. I filled the tubes, pulled the dampener rod up and down a dozen times, and extended the outer tube all the way up and put it back down. I then pumped the outer tube about 7" several times to get the air out. I pushed the the dampener rod all the way down and then set my oil level at 90mm w/my turkey baster.

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